"anaconda men cannot pet dogs due to a bug"

this is possibly the simplest bug Dwarf Fortress has ever had

and yet people see that sentence and they invent some wild story about what might have caused it in their head

when actually all that happened is nobody told the anaconda man he was allowed to pet dogs

@ben What about anaconda women? Is this misandry against anaconda men getting the wholesome benefits of dog-petting? Should we set up an awareness campaign: "AWARE OF DOG, PLZ PET DOG"?

@lousycanuck anaconda women are a caste of anaconda men

anaconda men are the other caste that's currently defined

it's confusing


@ben Like, shouldn't "sentient creatures" have a subtype of "bipedal" and a property "can pet", which anaconda people inherit? At this point it seems like the whole data structure is on its head

@lousycanuck anaconda men aren't bipedal

they're legless, and legless animal people weren't given the ability to pet

@ben So at some point people forgot that it takes arms, not legs, to pet animals

@ben I take it you're a dev then? Or just submitting a pull request to fix that particular bug?

@ben Oh good glob, some of these bugs. I remember them from the first time I tried it out, years ago. Like this one specifically: bay12games.com/dwarves/mantisb

Damn murderous babies

@lousycanuck @ben "Vampire accuses baby of killing victim" PEAK DWARF FORTRESS

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