All right. Who's signing up for a vasectomy?

I know, it's a private thing, but, well, I don't have any privacy anymore. Donate a little of yours.

Ah, yes. The age-old question: Did they make the hot dog buns shorter, or am I migraining?

Don't mind me. Just fucking with a formation of tech bros taking up the sidewalk while making plenty of room for everyone else.

Max would like to remind you to practice self-care this weekend. Hydrate, eat good food, get some sleep, give a Republican politician hell.

"Did you *intend* to not put coffee in your coffee?"

*blinks* "Well, that would explain why it's so sweet."

How is your morning going, friends?

I just had to turn my sound way up for video of a friend's child squealing. Then I had to turn it way, way down for video of another friend's child squealing. We need to settle on a standard volume for children's squeals, people.

What's the opposite of "cancel culture"? It feels like it should be something other than building monuments to people who undermine good science and a civil society, but that's what we seem to be offered so far.

I suspect that most of the dudes who come out of the woodwork when Jordan Peterson is criticized to say "Well, he helped me so much" largely mean "He made me feel better about the things I already believed" and they didn't actually change their habits or worldview particularly.

I don't know. I think that if the clothes you're trying to sell me really did "flatter any body type", you might show them on someone shaped like me occasionally.

Some days, you just need to get away from social media and stab something several hundred times. Cleanup is easiest if you stick with embroidery.

Protest should absolutely make officials afraid—of losing their power. If the prospect of losing power makes them fear for their physical safety, they should use their power while they still have it to make life less dangerous for people without that power.

They don't care that you dunk on them. They care that they have power over you.

They don't care whether they're right. They care that they have power over you.

They don't care that they don't live by their own rules. They care that they have power over you.

Look, I'm all for replacing Republicans in office with candidates who are to the left of most Democrats. Absolutely do that if you can. But even if you can't, the Republicans have to go.

Is there any creature so offended as the cat who watches you wipe fried chicken grease from your fingers onto a napkin instead of offering it to him?

To be clear:
1. This is mostly white people asking
2. I'm way out of the loop on marketing music
3. I'm happiest when I find a feed that ranges from classic to electronic

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When I say I listen to dancehall, someone always asks, "What kind?" Is this me missing a sub/another genre, or is this others not knowing dancehall is a genre?

ill periodically get promoted articles about saving money on streaming services with "this one hack" and it's never "do crime" frankly i am offended by how hacking has been appropriated

This cracks me up. I haven't significantly changed my political positions since the subprime mortgage collapse. I wasn't called an "extremist" until I built the social capital to successfully challenge the ethics of dedicated "centrists".

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