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That Farage got a chocolate milkshake thrown at him is proof of white genocide

I just want you all to know that despite my being a ridiculously sleepy boy at the moment, I still love you all

Hey everybody, I've been asleep for a month, anything special going on -- oh gods, oh gods there's fire everywhere, someone put it out

no one is ever going to help me create FOSS hosting for poor people and it makes me grumpy to see all of these men just throwing wads of cash at other men to make profit off of other people's work

just let us make things for people that need it you fucks

cinderella didn’t wear a mask or anything, they knew what her face looked like. they didn’t have to make thousands of women try on a shoe

the awful sudden realization that prince charming absolutely had a foot fetish

If the script for Sonic The Hedgehog doesn't include the line "Blue Lives Matter" or some variant on that, I will eat my fucking hat. I will buy a hat just to eat it.

the absolute giving-a-shit levels of these scammers who are now saying that they hacked me and obtained my password and showing me an empty string as proof

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okay but when is straight person day of visibility though? I'm tired of people bumping into me all the time and saying "oops i didn't notice you there"

Ugh. Anyone have any advice for that dreaded medical condition, Mashed Potato Brain?

two factions emerge, pro-swamp-ass and anti-swamp-ass. The anti-swampers with a strong ML streak, seize the farm while the sunbeam squad who are clearly pro-swampers, take over the sleeping quarters.

the anarchist commune of mastadonia collapses 20 minutes after its founding after someone says "swamp ass" and the whole town descends into chaos

*a cowboy looks out over the dakota plains, watching the sun slowly rise. his breath steams in the cold april morning.*

Pr'haps in another life, I would have been a horny man. Had I walked a different path. How different my time on this earth may have been.

*he takes a long drag off the cigarillo hanging from his lip*

But no. Better not to waste time on ungrateful wonderings. I shall live with my lot.

For this is the path I chose.

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