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Murder trial verdict 

The fact that *FINALLY* a fucking white cop is getting thrown in jail for murdering an unarmed black man is both joyous in that it is finally happening and sickening in that it took THIS FUCKING LONG to reach that.

George Floyd is still dead. Only something like a dozen cops have ever been found guilty of murder, making it basically not a crime for cops to kill people.

Anyway all cops are bastards, abolish the police. Keep fighting. I love all my comrades

can I get a "fuck the pigs" going on this site

MURDER 2: Guilty
MURDER 3: Guilty

Hey, how do you not, uh, go 1000% all-in on explaining big fights with tons of back story and anxiously await judgment from someone who's a person you like but don't necessarily consider to be an objective juror for that fight, asking for a me

Justice League Queer a) feels like corporate queerwashing and b) I WANT IT

Illegal to not say "big stretch!" when a pet does a big stretch

Finally, freedom

I wonder if while it's down they'll fix the date though

Sigh. Switch banned from online services due to homebrew. Happy valentines day to me

ah, yes, the Belmont family motto: when a problem comes along, you must whip it

I have issued a new decree. Henceforth it is illegal to eat brie without honey

Kiddo was playing Bioshock and said "no gods no masters" was a cool slogan. I had to grin and say yes, they stole it. Damn Murray Rothbard

gonna make a AAA team based shooter castleroid roguelike soulslike godgame just to flex on the entire games industry

You know how Final Fantasy pretty much always takes place on another planet, not just a parallel Earth? Doesn't that make things 1000% more dickish that Sephiroth will supernova OUR sun and destroy OUR solar system just to do some damage to three people who are next to him in, presumably, a whole different part of the fucking galaxy? As a regular attack??

I did a thing about music, and my efforts to make it in LMMS, if, uh, people are interested?

one of the best owns ever was the World Wildlife Fund forcing vince mcmahon to change his shit to the WWE

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