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one of the best owns ever was the World Wildlife Fund forcing vince mcmahon to change his shit to the WWE

I did an hour plus video on how much I've learned so far on LMMS and it wasn't recording the whole time so basically that whole time I just muttered to myself like a goober. I'm... uh... calling it a dry run. Yeah. That's it. Sure.

It's amazing that over 99% of all takes on the stock short squeeze are incorrect. I wish I could short the marketplace of ideas.

just started work on my newest novel, first line is: "Jimothy was short GameStop, and boy, was he short in a bad way"

I think it's great, but looking for constructive criticism!!!

new type of guy: invents all types of guys who do not invent themselves

if i dunk on freemasons, rest assured that its because i dont respect them, and the little respect i had for them quickly evaporated. hope this offends

A dear friend just introduced me to my newest permanent mood: "ugh, Milton Friedman"

[doing my opening argument at trial]

Members of the jury, I will not tell you who is on trial today -- and, in fact, you will never learn. What's more, I will not even tell you what they're on trial for. That would be inappropriate. However, I can tell you this: whoever they are, they're bad, and whatever they did, it was bad as well. With this knowledge and this knowledge only, I ask that you return a guilty verdict.

Thank you.

In case you weren't aware, the Patriot Party was originally antifa. If Trump resurrects it, it'll be in name only.

I see people are referring to President Biden as Uncle Joe. That's disrespectful.

There's only one TRUE Uncle Joe!

In #SecondLife, I found a Biden inauguration watch party (in a London-themed parcel, strangely enough). Meanwhile, the "Trump Pub" was empty.

USA, QAnon, Twitter, Etc 

Found on Twitter :

The guy suspected of being the creator of QAnon (and definitely it's most prominent proponent) is trying to tell them that it turns out the real conspiracy were the friends we made along the way.

And he's got a "New project" coming up!

What an audacious grift.

Oh shit, I seriously sometimes forget how many hecking cuties there are

friendly reminder that:

- you do not need to think someone is the scum of the earth to block them or mute them
- being blocked or muted does not mean you are a bad person in any way shape or form
- you have a right to surround yourself with people you enjoy, indeed, you have a right to happiness
- people liking you doesn't mean you are a good person
- you liking something or someone doesn't mean that that thing is good

it is a misconception I think a lot of people hold, and it's not truth.


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