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"boys with more progressive views about gender and masculinity were about half as likely as those with more traditional views to have engaged in violent behavior."

When I finally make a game, I will have a robotic basilisk named Roko that is completely harmless

gallows humor only really works when it's your neck in the rope

So that nap was more like 5h. Whee! Guess I'm gonna be night crew for the rest (?) of my stream. -- starting in ~15 after I jam some food down my gullet.

In case anyone's interested, I'll be streaming some Super Metroid / A Link to the Past randomizer for fun today. Streaming live in 10-15 mins!

Anyone who answers Uncle Travelling Matt is imperialist scum tbh

Which Fraggle Are You?

Is there some corollary to Poe's Law where socialist shitposters and libertarian channer fossbros posting earnestly can become indistinguishable? There should be.

Adam Driver is a palette-swapped Mokey from Fraggle Rock.

There. I said it. Cancel me if you must.

why do they call it a "double quarter pounder" or a "footlong sub" when they could call it a "zero point nine oh seven kilogrammer" or a "thirty point four eight centimetrelong sub"

luigi, in his misery, asks the existential questions so characteristic of the gothic genre. who am i? why do i exist?

in this case, we do know god, and he can answer, like dr. frankenstein to his monster

he's a color swap of mario in order to have a player two

he explores luigi's mansion - a decrepit ruin reminiscent of the decaying gothic castles that littered the english countryside
he's catholic,
he faces dopplegangers both in the form of his own brother, mario, and waluigi, who is but himself darkly reflected
he fights literal ghosts, the dead who are not dead, uncanny
luigi's position in life is also questioned, in flux. he is a plumber(?) and yet he interacts with royalty, juxtaposing their class positions

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Hey listen, just spitballing here but what kind of interest would you folks have in a browser extension that changes all mentions of Hatsune Miku to Margaret Thatcher?

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