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When I am in a low-posting mode and I get a string of follows it's fairly satisfying to be able to report most of them for spam and/or being shitlords like that "Most Hated" goober.

Ughhhhhhh. That's all I have to say about the last few weeks.

@lousycanuck This.

The amount of *energy* that people are willing to put into being awful to each other continues to surprise me. I mean, I can on some level get being resentful and nasty, but why not just kick back, put on some cartoons and call it a day?

I guess the lulz-high never really lasts, but instead of finding a different kind of satisfaction, they respond by upping their hostility.

If you seriously can't think of any way to "matter" that doesn't involve being cruel to others, that is a failure of society generally, but it's also specifically a failure of imagination on your part. You could try... not being a shitlord. See how that works out for you.

Seriously though... why do people spend time and effort being shitty edgelords? Like, that's a hell of a lot of work. You can't possibly juice enough lulz from it to make it worth your while. Why not "matter" in ways other than making lives miserable? There's so much other shit you could do!

yes, if someone sent me a follow request from a profile that suggests it is full of things I hate, I would simply approve and follow back, sure
i too live in a society

massively distributed, federated, decentralized RED COMMUNISM

we are neo-peasants of the service economy, maybe yes we all don't work in factories anymore but that doesn't mean that the products we use and the media we consume didn't in fact come from someone somewhere in some-time, being exploited through this vile myth of competition

this is a trans thing

i do not know or care whether this was designed to be a trans thing or even if it was made by a trans people. this is absolutely a trans thing

It is extremely liberating to not pretend that you know things you don't. It also opens you up to a lot more chances to learn shit. It rules

We're starting up a GoFundMe to help my roommate, who was picked up and detained by #ICE yesterday. Regardless of the legal outcome of his case, we need to make sure this guy has the resources to survive whatever happens.
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