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Peace is nice, peace is nice, peace is better than chicken and rice

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When you say you're "apolitical", what you're actually saying is "I see what's going on right now and it doesn't affect me so I don't care", and that's a political stance. And it's not a fucking pretty one, lemme tell ya.

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Why the fuck do all of you get personalities and why can't I get one

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Julius Caesar died 2000 years ago. Feel old yet?

buddy i don't allow ideology in this house. no fascism, no communism, no socialism, and especially no electromagnetism

Do you know what happened *after* he tooted the horn?

While we're familiar with Dr Doom tooting as he pleases…

Singer: "Someday you go through the rain"
Me: "With you so far"
Singer: "Someday you feed on a tree frog"
Me: "you what"

@lousycanuck Finding God has given me purpose in life

And that purpose is to kill God

Horny but like for a quiet time with a loving friend

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