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Ppl get annoyed about local politics and I get it. But this is the shit that affects your day to day. This is what decides if you’re getting 5 yrs for J-walking or a condescending finger wag. This shit decides if you’re going to be a rent refugee moving apt to apt every single year or whether you have actual rent control so you can plant roots. This makes and breaks entire lives. And these ARE battles we can actually win.

if you care about “censorship” but you aren’t constantly screaming about how the cows in the Japanese version of Majora’s Mask had their dope ass noserings removed in the US version, you’re a fraud

Is it just me who pronounces "pupy" as "pyoo-pee"?

when certbot renewal fails ur using letsnotencrypt

This has been making the rounds again lately and it's pretty much exactly how I've seen whole communities turn alt-right during my many tours on the Front Lines of the Keyboard Wars.

Redefining masculinity to include skirts

Socialism is the only time folks get mad about the possibility of their lives getting better🙄

cancelled wife, cancelled life

has anyone, uh, done that yet

oh, I'm cancelled? okay cool

#ff @Torie she’s pretty cool and funny. Excellent. Gay. We love it. Stan a lesbian queen. Follow her.

The worst take I’ve ever seen, I cannot be held responsible it you read this Show more

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For a while I thought about making a series of face reaction shot gifs of myself but I realized that I really only have two reactions to things: Steven Universe style star-eyes, and abject horror

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