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Is star trek anime?

Power armor is just a modular mech. I will.not be reading replies. Good day to you.

Allergy Season 1989
I am gesundheit
410,757,864,530 USED TISSUES

Sometimes, I remember that dual wielding is a Japanese euphemism for being bisexual and the thought amuses me :heart_bi:

The Japanese phrase is Ryōtōtsukai (両​刀​使​い), which literally means "both sword user" and it can also refer to someone who's an expert in two subjects.

grabbing a can of pringles out the fridge, chugging it and crushing it against my forehead

in light of today's heated discussions, on many important topics, Bryce Youngquist would like to reiterate that eggs are a wonderfully flexible foodstuff, capable of being ingredient, accent, sauce, or meal in and of itself. before you Discourse, please consider. egg.

also too as well: "drama" == people having feelings publicly, about things that are perfectly normal to have feelings about.

tl;dr: buncha "drama" on fediverse is happening right now and people are delivering some harmful "hot takes" that will hurt people. I hate this and I've seen it before and I can't watch it again so I'm going to go log off for a while.

And you're also allowed to choose who you DO interact with, and don't have to justify those decisions to anyone, as long as they're fully-informed and fully consensual on all parties' behalf.

And misgendering is fucking awful -- yes even misgendering someone "with clout".

And I believe people who have come forward to name people with influence of abuse of that influence.

And this is all multifaceted and a manifold problem.

I swear to fucking fuck I see this whole pattern happen over and over again, and I'm sick of second guessing that pattern recognition.

Defend your boundaries -- they are your boundaries. You are allowed to not like or not interact with people who make you feel like you HAVE TO. You're allowed to block and mute whoever you're uncomfortable with, no matter how much clout they have. And if the power dynamic is such that you get the sense you CAN'T, then that's a red flag itself.

i made a version of that oreoreo meme with horsemen

I'm the only man who can defeat Donald Trump. Only my raps can rhyme words with the word "Orange"


My palms are sweaty. Knees weak arms are heavy...with the burdens of the world.


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