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Don't stop loving people. Loving people is good.

It's hard, but it's good. Love people.

@spineberg If you think about it, kids, Marx had the ultimate "battle pass" by calling us to "yeet" the bourgeoisie out of society. That's pretty "dumb thick" if you ask me!

*flips chair around*

Now kids, I know we like to have fun here, but there's nothing "dummy thicc" about the oil and gas industry

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documenting police brutality Show more

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#Slub: New backdoor malware hits Slack and Github platforms

“The attackers also appear to be professionals, based on their way of handling their attack. They only use public third party services, and therefore did not need to register any domains or anything else that could leave a trail. The few email addresses we found during the investigation were also using trash email systems, giving the attackers a clean footprint” researchers added.

did JRR Tolkien eat ass? yes, absolutely. did he do it well? i dont fucking know, dude died years before i was even born, get the fuck off my back

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