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Attention, denizens of the Fediverse, @bitchphomet is pretty cool and nice and I hereby dub them an honourary Canadian. Use your exchange rate wisely, and remember your extra U's in things <3

Headline: “Canadian Wolves Are Being Airdropped Into Michigan To Kill Moose” reads like the setup for some very spicy pred/prey fic and I KNOW there are people on here who would read/write it.



===== 🍅
======= 🍅🍅
========🍅 🍅 🍅


friendly reminder that men don't actually exist

I took the Voight-Kampff test and got very angry that the test giving guy kept insisting I was being mean to turtles. Fuck that guy! I would never!!!

Remember to on this today. And only today. You can go back to forgetting they exist and/or actively disrespecting them tomorrow.

It has come to my attention that Baku Baku Animal is a valid gender.

Glyptodon was a giant armadillo, as big as a punch buggy. They lived ~2 million years ago til about 10,000 years ago, mostly in South America but also what is now Mexico, Texas, the Florida panhandle. Ancient humans probably speeded their extinction by hunting them. They even used Glyptodon's massive shell as shelters!

#science #pleistocene #megafauna #Evolution #paleontology

@lousycanuck The third game is actually Baku Baku Animal. But that doesn't look good on CURSED box art.

That said, you can definitely end up sliding out of the dominant part of the patriarchy by fucking with gender.

PSA: you probably can't redefine your gender to avoid the effects of the patriarchy.

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I just got a robocall from the Hope and Prayer Ministry calling to see if I need urgent prayer, where I can have one of their prayer specialists pray for me.


starting an international summit with all game developers so we can finally decide once and for all which fucking menu the subtitles setting goes in Options

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