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Eugen catches a lot of grief, but you have to respect someone developing software for social media with the explicit purpose of getting people to send him cat photos.

i say "just" but you need to understand that pyre is an incredibly good game and if you like spacejam and hate capitalism you'll fucking lose your shit playing through pyre

We've been joking about it for decades let's just go kill god already lmao

I'm just like you. I pull my MeUndies on one leg at a time.

(Try offer code Jimmy for 25% percent off your first purchase of MeUndies)

boost if you love cats
fave if you love dogs
boost and fave if you love both

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(the anime man on top is saying "kiss me!" and your options are
>kiss him
>push him)

the teacher is projecting the online dictionary with no ad blocker.

Oh, oh no, is it really Tell An Enby They're Cute Day? How do I even choose.


Your boss makes money by not paying you for the full value of your labour.

Pass it on...

I have worked all day, but now I get to clock out and relax! Time to work all night on something not for my job instead.

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