@hisham_hm There are roughly zero people in the world who can do this. This guy is a rounding error.

Guy is playing Mario 64 on a drum kit!

And no, I don't mean playing the music from Mario 64 on drums... but actually playing the game using an electronic drumkit as a controller!


@extinct imagine a courier, shooting the balls with a mini-nuke... that's the zybourne clock

@extinct The second Wild Wasteland egg I found. I shot the balls off the cliff, as was appropriate.

@extinct What amazes me the most about this ancient meme is that I remember it. And I wasn't even a SA goon.

Hey, you ever just... not want to cry profusely and constantly?

... What's it like?

@SuperCee Yeah. There are so many genres that are all but dead now except for fandoms keeping them on life support. I feel the same about interactive fiction.

Me in bed: "in Canada they call this one the Maple Dipped"

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I did it, I installed Fallout New Vegas on Linux and got it working with mods. Now I have another game to replay instead of the backlog of a dozen other games I've never played

@bstacey Congrats by the way for making me revisit AO3 for the first time in almost ten years

I never shut this server down. I managed to get another job and get back into the States after ~3mo exile in B&Bs in Winnipeg. I'm back with my family.

There, you're all caught up with me. Now how 'bout you?

@scarfwitch it's been a trip. I found a job but now I have to wait to see if I can get a visa. I'm B&B surfing in Winnipeg now. For real, 2020.

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