In case you're wondering, I'm not dead, but I've had a hell of a... well. Year, really. But the last couple of months have been pretty bad.

:greensun: Climate collapse is class war

:greensun: Capitalism and centralisation have devastated our planet

:greensun: Direct Action and Autonomy - not looking to elected representatives for reform

:greensun: Climate issues are social issues

:greensun: Consensus is key - All Power to the People!

:greensun: Anti-Fascism

:greensun: Rejection of the state and police

:greensun: The climate struggle is an internationalist struggle

How come bosses are always like "you're fired" instead of earthed aired or watered

the existence of airhorns implies the existence of earth, water and firehorns

When I am in a low-posting mode and I get a string of follows it's fairly satisfying to be able to report most of them for spam and/or being shitlords like that "Most Hated" goober.

@unascribed I should get gold-plated, double-twisted braided shielded cat6 earlobes

Ughhhhhhh. That's all I have to say about the last few weeks.

@redcosmonaut Whatever this predatory mortgage thingie is, the worst part is, it's been "credited" to the current government "ending" some program or another since midway through Obama's second term. Seriously, the only change they make to their tactics is who they're lying about

@Torie This reminds me of that time I saw a "recipe" for how to microwave bacon

@ItsJenNotGabby oh my glob the look of sheer betrayal on that poor pupper's face

@lousycanuck This.

The amount of *energy* that people are willing to put into being awful to each other continues to surprise me. I mean, I can on some level get being resentful and nasty, but why not just kick back, put on some cartoons and call it a day?

I guess the lulz-high never really lasts, but instead of finding a different kind of satisfaction, they respond by upping their hostility.

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