Justice League Queer a) feels like corporate queerwashing and b) I WANT IT

Illegal to not say "big stretch!" when a pet does a big stretch

@Nezchan Last time I tried, it crashed out of the title screen... welp. I have enough HD space, time to try again

@pre I by far prefer to support Stuart Semple's Nearly-Bottomless Cum Tub

@apLundell Six people developed blood clots out of a million. They don't even know if it's because of the shot. Sadly, no superpowers or zombification or becoming a werewolf for you.

Finally, freedom

I wonder if while it's down they'll fix the date though

@densetsu I Built Such a Good City In Carcassone I Accidentally Ended Up In Another World!! Vol 1

@BestGirlGrace I feel this in every memory of every attempt I've ever taken at building a C++ project from 1990 through now.

@binchicken @witchfynder_finder @FirstProgenitor It's clearly a sweatervest and tie traditionally associated with fox hunting, proving Jonathan's landed gentry status

@ItsMorgan A fencing sword can bend way more than that but they aren't super menacing

@ben @Roxy Secret cutscene in the post credits with a gnome or something sighing and resetting the lever again

Stimmy check, legal shit 

@alraune It appears most of the delay is in the depositing -- banks are intentionally delaying releasing the funds so they can get a big chunk of interest off them to make up for the fact that they're getting and then losing a shit-load of money all at once

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