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bisexuality is when you like girls and want to smooch them
and enbys too
(and maybe, maybe, very rarely, a boy)

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if you're the electrician who burned down notre dame de paris, here is a suggestion: what you wanna do is keep that secret until you're in bed at some point like ten years from now, right, then whisper it in your partner's ear to push em over the edge when they get close. that's a free tip from your grandma apples, you can have that one

Protect your schedule, including the empty time.

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WPMU Dev mailing list: "My bounce rate makes all the boys leave the yard"
Me, sadly: "same"

@CornishRepublicanArmy I think you're describing also a hypothetical date between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy and that's cool too

@anna Ah gotcha, yeah, wild that they didn't do every single one

@anna Prologue? Like the Crystal Music from the first game? I think they've all had it in the main series, but at least one only had it in the after-credits

My favourite instance of a bug caused by an underflow is India and Gandhi's eventual intractable thermonuclear war in early games of Civilization. His "aggression" was set very low, and getting on his good side was likely to cause that value to wrap around downward to the highest value possible and he'd suddenly and viciously nuke the shit outta you.

what's an integer overflow, or underflow? what happens when a computer runs out of room to count with? why do games like the original pac-man and dig dug break on level 256? (long, serious) Show more

ok complaint time

NO i’m not CWing this shit

Mastodon NEEDS a separate, dedicated DM button

trying to "be vulnerable" and "put myself out there" but when i reveal the giant red eye on my belly im instantly attacked with arrows and boomerangs

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