@scarfwitch it's been a trip. I found a job but now I have to wait to see if I can get a visa. I'm B&B surfing in Winnipeg now. For real, 2020.

I wonder if people are like, "I wonder where Jason went", when I disappear into the ether for a while.

Still alive, in case people were worried. Tomorrow, I return to Canada, thanks to my TN visa running out. Jobless for almost two months now. Might have to do a Patreon for hosting funds for The Orbit, and make good on my idle thought that maybe it's time to shut down this instance. Sigh.

@hasya23 how dare you deep state pedos try to *checks notes* treat sick people

dang this street fighter show really knew how to animate a fight scene lol

@ben @00dani I mean, this sounds great if you've played TTYD so often you don't actually need to know what the fuck's going on

@00dani @ben It sounds like you might enjoy Super Mario RPG: Armageddon, if you haven't already tried it. It's a sorta hardmode version of Mario RPG with a TON of extra endgame content.

hahaha doing my taxes right after losing my job is fun
so is losing more to taxes than I did last year despite "big tax breaks" and "the economy heating up"

Might be time to drop the vanity masto since I'm literally the only person actually using it and I lost my job. What server do you folks recommend? Where would accept an earnest white boy like me?

Human Impact of FLOSS's Interaction with For-Profit tech.002 Show more

Human Impact of FLOSS's Interaction with For-Profit tech.002 Show more

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