Neil DeGrasse Tyson posting about how Santa could never traverse the entire globe in one night like dude is absolutely leaning into this shit like a wrestling heel at this point, right? he's more "well, actually" than man at this point.

Beets' flavour is a complete stranger approaching you, punching you in the gut and saying "I really really just want you to like me for who I am" and I can't get behind that

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good satisfying fetish scene tonight

Deltarune part 2 tomorrow. Time to be insufferable again!!

Gods alive. I miss when people thought I was cool, attractive, worth talking to, etc.

I barely remember such a time, but I miss it nonetheless.

@ben Forgive me for saying, but I tire of people demanding that people have an alternative in mind and available while pointing out the flaws of an existing system. If you're just asking out of curiosity, fine, but too many people use the "what's your alternative" to shut down the totally correct pointing out of failures.

I'm in such a state this weekend that I would probably do all the drugs. Please send me some drugs via DM or email or paypal or whatever the youths use to get drugs today. I'm going to inject a whole marijuana

@Nezchan The counteroffer being "all the commie blood they could drink if they joined the Americans"

@ben Copilot is trying.

I don't mean that in the "it's putting in effort" way though.

I'm glad the other three people in the Bezos Dick Rocket survived, but I'm sad about the cost of their survival

How the fuck does one afford that much fireworks in this economy, unless they're the rich that we should be eating?

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I can't remember the last day there hasn't been audible fireworks from my home, but I can virtually guarantee it was before June. Two doors down from me, one of my neighbors must have set off at least three or four grand of fireworks over the last week alone.

re: weed 

@ben I should have written Alex Trebek to ask him before he died, since he loved the Potent Potables category so much They ask when games will have its Citizen Kane and I say this is it

@PublicChaffinch People like this genuinely make me despair at the state of humanity. How could you be so good at rationalizing to yourself something with zero corollary evidence, and so fucking blatant about prejudice, and think that's how you should spend your time online, is showing off both those traits to all and sundry?

@healyn Yeah, she's literally making money off of Bezos' diamond mine, but she's also building a ton of goodwill by doing that bare minimum level of donation that Bezos chooses not to do every single day. She's not a hero, but she's also showing just how fucking evil every other oligarch is.

Jeff Bezos' ex, MacKenzie Scott, is giving the game away right now. She gave $2.7B away this year so far, and the National Review is trying to take her down with this shit?

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@healyn Despite giving away more money than anyone else, her net worth went from 28 bil to 60 bil in the same year. Soooooo uhhhhhh

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