@breakfastgolem "I demand my right to self-defense by open-carrying a gun that can only be used at very long range with extensive setup, because the only way you can stop a bad guy with a gun is with half an hour preparation and a clear vantage point"

Anybody have to tangle with the Kinsing cryptominer yet?

White liberals, moderates, and even those on the left have this manufactured idea of MLK jr. being himself a moderate.

They distance themselves from the fact that MLK jr would have held them accountable and called them the fuck out if he were alive today and they act as if MLK wouldn't be the constant target of their ridicule, harassment, gaslighting and scapegoating.

They either ignore or don't understand that the false image of MLK they created is a means of reinforcing their white supremacy

The below account is set up by white nationalists and Alt-Right trolls to spread disinformation and confusion among #Richmond2ARally goers. Please report this account, which is posing as @ash_antifa. A similar account was already shut down yesterday. twitter.com/IGD_News/status/12

White nationalists and Alt-Right trolls are circulating this misinformation. Their previous account was shut down, but people need to report @ANTIFARichmond for posing as @ash_antifa. Again, this is a fake account spreading disinformation at #Richmond2ARally.

In case you're wondering why I'm largely silent, it's because I'm getting pretty good at shutting the fuck up and giving the people who need to say something the space to do so. Knuckle tatts: S T F U G A N G

the moral of the story is to learn when and how to shut up. this is a skill most people are never taught, formally or otherwise. I hope to one day master the art of shutting the fuck up, but I am not there yet. it takes work, it takes restraint, it takes dedication and respect. only once we have truly shut the fuck up will we listen.

Why does it seem like white people are way more upset at conflicts over racism than POC are? The people who are subjected to racism in daily life obviously feel the deepest pain when the subject of racism comes up. But in my experience it's white people who want CWs for everything and compare these conflicts to physical violence... against THEM. A heated discussion of racism is violence against WHITE people? Whut?

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I seriously wish I knew about LMMS about two years ago

@Food I'm running Debian now, and don't want to have to reinstall everything, so I'm trawling through the manual to look for what software to install :)

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