I'm getting pretty okay at this. Not great. But not awful. I'll be tinkering with this yet. Make the bounce a bit better, the leg snap less snappy, the arm snap more snappy.

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there's a bag of these on my counter and all I can think of is @ida

"incredibly delicious" is in quotes

just saying

I am working on animating my drawings in Spine. Slow going. But I'm seeing results at least.

Hey, I really still don't understand Spine but here's a Kappa I drew and got into it properly. Mind the crappy layer names.

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A friend on FB: "I'm enjoying Undertale so far but I think I'm going to restart because I fought someone and I feel bad about it."


My current unlocked Smash roster. Maining Sheik at the moment in World of Light. What's yours look like?

Okay this isn't REALLY sensitive but to demonstrate: click the Eye icon once you add media. It'll look like this.

There's also a spot to describe your pics. Do it for the visually impaired. Thanks!!

(Also: Delete and Redraft is great if you make a mistake *ahem* )

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