Finally, freedom

I wonder if while it's down they'll fix the date though

I played the game, despite my misgivings about the asexual / hypersexual axis as though it isn't a bunch of ideas mashed together.

tfw those in power are on the verge of repeating a deadly and senseless mistake

Here you are, tooth-lovers of Mastodon. Mastodent. Dentodon.

Wish has teeth for $2.

I'm getting pretty okay at this. Not great. But not awful. I'll be tinkering with this yet. Make the bounce a bit better, the leg snap less snappy, the arm snap more snappy.

selfie, ec 

Tired, sore, and looking a little like an Organization XIII member.

there's a bag of these on my counter and all I can think of is @ida

"incredibly delicious" is in quotes

just saying

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