The whole discourse about all-caps is wild. Screen readers today actually detect and don't treat all-caps as giant acronyms any more, it was raised as a big problem in the early days of forum use by screen reader users, soooo yeah. If your screen reader treats all caps like this, what's its name? So I can find the documented feature to fix it for you?

If you want to argue that there's an accessibility argument for sighted or partly-sighted people reading all-caps slower (well, yes, they do), there are also tools to deal with that. Scripts that will fix it. The same sorts of accommodations that are available for screen reader users. You can shape your internet experience and filter it so the stuff you can't deal with doesn't happen.

So you know, JAWS' default (the most popular screen reader software I know about) is to raise the pitch of the words 20% to acknowledge that the word is in all caps. That's configurable at runtime via keyboard shortcuts, too. Most of the people talking about this have never worked with accessibility software and it shows.

@lousycanuck omg that's what this all-caps Discourse has been?!

I admire Mastodon's interest in screenreaders but people have always shown that they don't know anything about how they work. Which is wild because they're built in to everybody's phones and almost everybody's computers. Anyone can try it! You don't have to be blind!

@error_1202 noooooot exactly... The discourse is using screen readers as a club to shit on certain specific people who use all caps frequently. So I'm disarming that line of attack. It's not about accessibility. It's something else.

@lousycanuck That's even worse honestly. I hate being someone's misunderstood weapon.

But thank you for explaining this. I'd seen bits and pieces but couldn't make any sense of anything.

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