the all caps posting haters shouldn't read homestuck... like half the characters in there post in all caps

@CyclopsCaveman I'm, uh, pretty sure this was legit raised as an accessibility concern that they all post with their typing "quirks" on their roleplay server and so they should be defederated everywhere?? Because that makes sense

@lousycanuck it is a genuine accessibility concern but i feel like there are better ways to deal with a roleplay instance posting weird than instantly defederating, not the least of which is adding more accessibility features, especially since most of trollian's posts pass thru a filter first that adds the quirks


@CyclopsCaveman Like auto putting the un-quirked text in as aria-hidden, yeah. The whole discourse about all-caps though -- screen readers today actually detect and don't treat all-caps as giant acronyms any more, it was raised as a big problem in the early days of forum use by screen reader users, soooo yeah

@lousycanuck its almost like its not about all caps posting or something

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