One of the weirdest parts of the great man theory of history is that you get a really weird picture of what people were up to. Like, okay, the youth in the 1960s were hippies and were then the establishment of the 1980s who... voted for Regan?

Nope, different people. There were very few hippies around. The week Gimme Shelter was released, it didn’t chart very high. The music that was really everywhere? Sugar Sugar by the Archies.

The same people who made Sugar Sugar by the Archies the most popular song when Gimme Shelter was available voted for Reagan. That makes sense. There was no pivot in American culture. The “debauchery” of the 1970s we’re told there was a backlash against? Bowie playing a few night clubs. Rich people briefly screening Deep Throat in a theatre because it was trendy among a very few people, who were resentful.


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