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I am 100% trying to be supportive and not sarcastic as much as humanly possible and if there's ever any ambiguity please smack me because my calibrations might be misaligned. People-ing is hard!!

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I'm Jason. I've done about a billion tours in the Great Internet Keyboard Wars, blogging in various places, starting out supporting atheism but realizing the atheist and skeptic communities were rife with racist, sexist, anti-trans bullshit. So I fought those folks instead.

I'm a cishetwhitedude. Mostly. I think I'm a teensy bit gay. I'm also Officially An Old. I have an anxiety disorder. And I'm pretty sure you're just humouring me if you fave my stuff.


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Hi people on this Mastodon server!

On This Node We:
- mark NSFW stuff as sensitive
- use content-warnings
- try to be our best selves <3

Guy is playing Mario 64 on a drum kit!

And no, I don't mean playing the music from Mario 64 on drums... but actually playing the game using an electronic drumkit as a controller!

Hey, you ever just... not want to cry profusely and constantly?

... What's it like?

Me in bed: "in Canada they call this one the Maple Dipped"

I did it, I installed Fallout New Vegas on Linux and got it working with mods. Now I have another game to replay instead of the backlog of a dozen other games I've never played

I never shut this server down. I managed to get another job and get back into the States after ~3mo exile in B&Bs in Winnipeg. I'm back with my family.

There, you're all caught up with me. Now how 'bout you?

I wonder if people are like, "I wonder where Jason went", when I disappear into the ether for a while.

Still alive, in case people were worried. Tomorrow, I return to Canada, thanks to my TN visa running out. Jobless for almost two months now. Might have to do a Patreon for hosting funds for The Orbit, and make good on my idle thought that maybe it's time to shut down this instance. Sigh.

dang this street fighter show really knew how to animate a fight scene lol

hahaha doing my taxes right after losing my job is fun
so is losing more to taxes than I did last year despite "big tax breaks" and "the economy heating up"

Might be time to drop the vanity masto since I'm literally the only person actually using it and I lost my job. What server do you folks recommend? Where would accept an earnest white boy like me?

Minnesota's now shelter in place. Which means my life changes... not at all.

ME: what's a quaternion?

NERD: it's a four-dimensional complex number of the form (a + bi + cj + dk) where a, b, c and d are real numbers and i^2 = j^2 = k^2 = ijk = -1!

ME: ok. i understand that. but don't people use these for 3d rotations?

NERD: yeah!

ME: how?



NERD: well, you see, they're very important to use for rotations because they prevent gimbal lock,

thinking about how software companies slowly chip away at the idea of consent by turning every "no" into "not right now," every "stop this" into "do this less often," every "i don't want that" into "maybe later"

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