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I am 100% trying to be supportive and not sarcastic as much as humanly possible and if there's ever any ambiguity please smack me because my calibrations might be misaligned. People-ing is hard!!

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I'm Jason. I've done about a billion tours in the Great Internet Keyboard Wars, blogging in various places, starting out supporting atheism but realizing the atheist and skeptic communities were rife with racist, sexist, anti-trans bullshit. So I fought those folks instead.

I'm a cishetwhitedude. Mostly. I think I'm a teensy bit gay. I'm also Officially An Old. I have an anxiety disorder. And I'm pretty sure you're just humouring me if you fave my stuff.


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Hi people on this Mastodon server!

On This Node We:
- mark NSFW stuff as sensitive
- use content-warnings
- try to be our best selves <3

“It’s a strange kind of oppression in which silenced dissidents keep getting book deals, op-eds, sold-out speaking tours, lucrative Patreons, millions of YouTube views, and sympathetic profiles in the world’s leading newspapers. How much more attention do they want? How much freer can speech be?”

Pretty Loud For Being So Silenced


if I could help Jen find someone up to her stature I would, but unfortunately angels are notoriously slippery

Also it looks like I logged on just in time to say Jen is great

Earthbound is one of those pieces of art where if u played it at the right age you're able to write 10,000 words about how important it is but if u didnt youre like "yeah its alright, its pretty funny but the battle system is kinda boring."

Imagine Gab being the hill ur punkass chooses to die on.

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Let me be clear.

Saying devs shouldn’t make any ethical decisions concerning software is a cowardly decision, which enables hate, abuse and harassment to continue.

You’re not a centrist or being logical.

You’re giving space for hate to flourish.

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MAN: doc i'm so depressed
DOCTOR: listen, they're doing an anniversary screening of Goodfellas, you should go see it, Joe Pesci is in it, he's very funny, it will cheer you righ--
MAN: funny how
DOCTOR: wh--
MAN: how is he funny
MAN: funny like a clown, is he a clown to you, what the fuck is so funny about him, tell me what's so fuckin' funny

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The world would be a better place if we took it upon ourselves to find the voices that are ACTUALLY missing from the conversation, rather than the noisy people who claim to be being censored but somehow get to reinject bad ideas into the conversation over and over again. Looking straight at you, "Intellectual Dark Web".

through the power of not jerking it, the denizens of Antihorntposting have accessed a realm of pure energy. they are immediately using this to spew globes of white-hot energy over all that offends them. sector administrator Rk'Tkrx Youngquist has advised "nobody read anything into this."

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