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I am 100% trying to be supportive and not sarcastic as much as humanly possible and if there's ever any ambiguity please smack me because my calibrations might be misaligned. People-ing is hard!!

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I'm Jason. I've done about a billion tours in the Great Internet Keyboard Wars, blogging in various places, starting out supporting atheism but realizing the atheist and skeptic communities were rife with racist, sexist, anti-trans bullshit. So I fought those folks instead.

I'm a cishetwhitedude. Mostly. I think I'm a teensy bit gay. I'm also Officially An Old. I have an anxiety disorder. And I'm pretty sure you're just humouring me if you fave my stuff.


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Hi people on this Mastodon server!

On This Node We:
- mark NSFW stuff as sensitive
- use content-warnings
- try to be our best selves <3

i dont need to play red dead redemtion 2, because the world wide web is my wild west. and my google search bar is my horse. and my mouse is a stick that i poke stuff with

The account of the Assam Police has been suspend from this instance.

We decided that we will not welcome cops on this instance, and we encourage the rest of the fediverse to do the same.

Following multiple reports, we decided that it's more important that our community feels safe and in security, than to be a platform for official communication.

Thank you ! :trebuchet:

*waves hand broadly* Okay, less of, ah, all of this please.

ye gods, my reputation in this south american country is ruined!

but what if... i were to forcibly install a brutal dictatorship and disguise it as a failure of socialism? oh-ho-ho, delightfully devilish america

good lord, what is happening in there?
peaceful repression of a violent extremist ideology
puh-peaceful repression? with heavily armed police, throwing canisters of tear gas, aimed entirely within groups of unarmed protesters?
...may i demonstrate against this blatant display of police brutality?

Anyone else on here real tired of, like, things happening? News happens and I'm like "whoa slow down"

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Did you know that ball peen hammers don't, at least inherently, have anything to do with genitals? Learn more about how to get creative at Home Depot

:promoted: promoted content by Home Depot

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@lousycanuck @wohali i mean who is doing more harm, someone innocently enjoying some weed or this degenerate dipping chicken into soda with a flagrant disregard for all that is decent?

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I just woke up from a dream in which I was making my own breaded chicken tenders for some reason. I can't remember ever having done that. But now I really, really want to. And it's 4 am.

This is my own special hell.

There's a weird dynamic in people's brains where you feel obliged to accept someone's apology -- that YOU owe THEM because they apologized. You don't owe them anything. Remember that.

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