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I am 100% trying to be supportive and not sarcastic as much as humanly possible and if there's ever any ambiguity please smack me because my calibrations might be misaligned. People-ing is hard!!

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I'm Jason. I've done about a billion tours in the Great Internet Keyboard Wars, blogging in various places, starting out supporting atheism but realizing the atheist and skeptic communities were rife with racist, sexist, anti-trans bullshit. So I fought those folks instead.

I'm a cishetwhitedude. Mostly. I think I'm a teensy bit gay. I'm also Officially An Old. I have an anxiety disorder. And I'm pretty sure you're just humouring me if you fave my stuff.


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Hi people on this Mastodon server!

On This Node We:
- mark NSFW stuff as sensitive
- use content-warnings
- try to be our best selves <3

Neil DeGrasse Tyson posting about how Santa could never traverse the entire globe in one night like dude is absolutely leaning into this shit like a wrestling heel at this point, right? he's more "well, actually" than man at this point.

Beets' flavour is a complete stranger approaching you, punching you in the gut and saying "I really really just want you to like me for who I am" and I can't get behind that

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good satisfying fetish scene tonight

Deltarune part 2 tomorrow. Time to be insufferable again!!

Gods alive. I miss when people thought I was cool, attractive, worth talking to, etc.

I barely remember such a time, but I miss it nonetheless.

I'm in such a state this weekend that I would probably do all the drugs. Please send me some drugs via DM or email or paypal or whatever the youths use to get drugs today. I'm going to inject a whole marijuana

I'm glad the other three people in the Bezos Dick Rocket survived, but I'm sad about the cost of their survival

How the fuck does one afford that much fireworks in this economy, unless they're the rich that we should be eating?

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I can't remember the last day there hasn't been audible fireworks from my home, but I can virtually guarantee it was before June. Two doors down from me, one of my neighbors must have set off at least three or four grand of fireworks over the last week alone.

Jeff Bezos' ex, MacKenzie Scott, is giving the game away right now. She gave $2.7B away this year so far, and the National Review is trying to take her down with this shit?

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How are we on a timeline where aging, tired nerds with broken bodies are fighting side by side with juggalos and furries and leather daddies against literal fascism?

the most classic move for a philosopher is to have the central concept of their work be mentioned exactly 2 times in a 500 page book and never fully explained

cucked analytic philosopher: you can't just invent new terms without rigorously defining them... ur arguments can't be examined for logical validity... please.....

alpha continental philosopher: i will develop an entire new branch of metaphysics based on this french pun

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gonn just start taking memes i like and repost them here so i can find them again in the future when i want to show people since the only social stuff i use other than the fedi is several dozen open invite discord servers.

i am adding accessibility to these memes because i caption them. this justifies it and no one can tell me otherwise. :3c

I accidentally did some work today and now the commies are coming to take my card away

policing, anti-blackness, derek chauvin 

"the only reason there's a guilty verdict is bc people demanded it" no

cops testified against chauvin so that they could stabilize their legitimacy and paint him as an aberration that needs to be "bias trained" out of the police

the guilty verdict is an act of demobilization, not a response to "the people." It is PLACATING "the people."

Murder trial verdict 

I'm somehow angrier and more upset at this verdict BECAUSE of how novel and unique it is.

This should happen MORE. It shouldn't be a fucking celebration. Justice like this should be standard and unremarkable. The normal situation of cops going free should be exceptional and remarkable.

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