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I am 100% trying to be supportive and not sarcastic as much as humanly possible and if there's ever any ambiguity please smack me because my calibrations might be misaligned. People-ing is hard!!

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I'm Jason. I've done about a billion tours in the Great Internet Keyboard Wars, blogging in various places, starting out supporting atheism but realizing the atheist and skeptic communities were rife with racist, sexist, anti-trans bullshit. So I fought those folks instead.

I'm a cishetwhitedude. Mostly. I think I'm a teensy bit gay. I'm also Officially An Old. I have an anxiety disorder. And I'm pretty sure you're just humouring me if you fave my stuff.


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Hi people on this Mastodon server!

On This Node We:
- mark NSFW stuff as sensitive
- use content-warnings
- try to be our best selves <3

So Bloomberg is "what if billionaire racist with decades of sexual harassment suits and bad policies, but running with a (D) beside name??" Cool, cool. How about all billionaires report to the nearest guillotine for wealth reappropriation

Me: "Hey Masto what's up--"
Masto: bigfoot, Yang dropped out, Ayn Rand dunking
Me: "I love this place"

all i know to do is cry, eat cold noodle, be bisexual and cry

I'm on a conference call, on hold, and the hold music is a goddamn EDM remix of Hopes and Dreams from Undertale and I'M FREAKING OUT

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also, and pay attention to this you smarmy fucks who keep repeatedly reporting my users to me for this, I AM EXPLICITLY SOLICITING BOOSTS FOR THIS SELFIE. BOOST THIS SELFIE. if reading those lines made your blood boil, get some help


Once upon a time, people had parasocial relationships with me. THANK GOODNESS THOSE DAYS ARE OVER

shoutout to whoever writes the Hungarian subtitles for the Philosophy Tube videos!

Sooo with the Variety package on Debian, I can randomly switch my desktop to various wallpapers with imagick filters applied to them, plus a quote over top. And I can call any arbitrary binary to generate the quotes. Finally, a good reason to set up a Markov chain generator trained on a bunch of inspirational quotes

Lovecraft is white culture and I can prove it

"then you should say pan"
Then you should munch my ass

Quit telling other people what their sexualities mean. That's cop shit

Hey bi does not mean trans or enby exclusive. I'll stop saying it as soon as I stop seeing it suggested :heart_bi: :heart_nb: :heart_pan: :trans_heart:

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